Paparazi MINDBLOWING Trick on Puck - Completely Outplayed

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by u/GiletsJaunesFTW
Here’s how to do this: First you need to have level 10 talent which raise the distance of Illusory Orb and the bottle must be in your inventory not in your back pack. Next you have to shoot the Illusory Orb in the direction of the fountain (you don't need to aim accurately, just aim roughly toward it), then TP home at once (use shift click to make it easier), then Jaunt once the channeling ends and that’s it: your bottle is refilled.

Why do you need to send the orb roughly toward the fountain? Before a hero teleports, it faces the place where it will arrive (ex: when your heroes is at the Tier 1 bottom tower and and use a TP to go at one top tower, it will turn to face it before activating the TP Scroll). Since Puck has a slow turn rate, sending the orb in another direction will make him lose a crucial second before activating the TP scroll, therefore the Orb will disappear before Puck arrives in the fountain and they’ll be stuck there like an idiot.

When should you do this? TP Scroll’s cooldown is 70 seconds and it costs 110 golds which is quite expensive early on. So it’s better to wait for runes, buying clarities and keeping the Arcane Ring in the early game if you drop it. However, once you get a blink dagger it becomes interesting since Puck can move around the map quickly, this trick is useful if you need more mana immediately because there is a fight about start. In the Late game, when you get BoT and if your team has a big lead, 110 golds is peanuts if you and your team have to take chaotic fights which last for a long time. Or to siege the enemy base. I haven’t put this trick into practice, so there are probably many other situations where it’s useful and when it’s not :)
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